The Portland Regional Show was a Winner!

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The front entrance to this old timey rock show
An entry worthy of a rock show with a long history, sign should say ‘Rockhound Country’

This show featuring primarily agate, jasper and thundereggs had the Oregon stamp of true Agateers: the dealers, customers and rock club memebers were real rockhounds. Events like this will pass on the rockhound heritage for many years to come. The show ran from Friday, October 13th to Sunday, fortunately for me 13 has turned out to be my lucky number.  Here is a view of the large interior the morning of setup day.

I spent the last five months in Oregon and met many fine Oregon agateers.
Here I am with Michael Murphy, a very expert collector.

Among the rockhounds I have known for many years is Joe VanCura. This summer he welcomed me to his home and he has the most amazing collection of thundereggs I’ve ever seen. He is also an outstanding lapidary and has been mining thundereggs for a very long time (for one so young).

All in all it has been a rockhounding experience to remember. I hope to go to the Niederworresbach show near Idar-Oberstein, Germany, in March. When I return, if the creek don’t rise, I will return for another five months in North Plains outside of Portland,  Command Central of the Rockhound Universe.

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