Arizona Night Sky Agates

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Sunday, the 29th of April an agate offering will open at noon, EST, of the rare Night Sky agates from Mulligan Peak near Clifton, Arizona.

                                                   at:  The Agate Shop

To those familiar with Mulligan Peak agates (also known as Clifton agates) these large purple beauties may come as a surprise. The location was first described in a copy of The Lapidary Journal that came out about fifty years ago by Bessie Simpson and then the locations was lost. The article caught the eye of Grant Curtis who had begun collection on Mulligan Peak when he was 17. Her article gave two clues, that it was near a steep rock face and that there was a camp littered with rusting tin cans there. Grant was on the lookout for these two signs but there are many places up there that meet these conditions and the area is vast. Eventually he found it and at the time I was a regular visitor to his house. Even though it was not a large deposit the remarkable coincidence of all those events led to my obtaining these eleven specimens.

I hope you will be able to join the event,

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