Arizona Round Mountain Agates

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An offering of the rare Arizona Antique Pink agates from the collection of Grant Curtis will open Sunday, May 20th, at noon, EST. The sale will take place at The Agate Trader.

This is the second of a series of 3 offerings of rare banded agates from Arizona. The names and locations are:

Night Sky bed                       Mulligan peak near Clifton, Arizona
Arizona Antique Pink         Round Mountain, Arizona, near Lordsburg, New Mexico.
Chimney Bed                        Near Fourth of July Butte, Buckeye, Arizona

Grant Curtis’ father was a mining engineer at Phelps Dodge and he liked to collect agates with his son starting when Grant was only seventeen. Now at 70 Grant still actively prospects, mines, cuts and polishes his discoveries. He shares his vast knowledge of Arizona agates as well as many others locations in the US and Mexico through his web store, The Agate Collectors Dream.

Have a great summer and add some fine agates to your collection when you can. I’ll be busy up in Oregon visiting the Prineville and Madras shows and selling at the Summerfest at the Rice Museum as well as the Portland Regional Show.

All the best,


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