A re-stocking sale of 200 agate specimens

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stibnite in agate LOGO2.pngAll six of my ETSY stores are NOW OPEN again and a Re-stocking sale at The Agate Shop is scheduled for Sunday, December 16th, at noon EST

RESTOCKING-SALE means all new items, larger inventories and lower prices!

There are agates from Argentina, China, Mexico, Morocco and Patagonia. Within each country there are markers that show the beginning of each location, for example the locations in Argentina are Condor, Entre Rios and Puma agates. When you get to the bottom of a segment you can move to the next group at the bottom.

If you search by the country names ETSY will toss them into disorder. To restore order simply select ‘custom’ at the top right of the sale. Scroll up and down and the agates will remain in order.

I should warn you that putting an agate in your cart will not keep someone else from buying it, to make sure it has not sold make your purchase and then continue shopping.

I hope you enjoy the sale,
Thom, The Agate Trader


From now on all six stores will be open and new specimens will be arriving regularly.


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