The Portland Regional Rock and Gem Show is happening October 11th through the 13th

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Agates Galore in 2017         Julian Grey of the Rice Museum

Hello to all Agate fanciers,

I invite all rockhounds to visit the upcoming Portland Regional Gem and Mineral Show at the Jackson National Guard Armory. The address is 6235 Cornfoot Road.  The ‘Regional’ is still a major show for Oregon rockhounds although it is currently looking for a new ‘ideal’ location since the Hillsboro facility was torn down a couple of years ago.

This show is special because Oregon is one of the most agate rich areas in the world, situated over a string of calderas that begins to the south near Sacramento that runs all the way north to the most recent, the Yellowstone National Monument. Oregon’s famous Caldera contains Three Fingers Butte and it is the source of the great variety of Owyhee picture jaspers with over 70 distinctive types. Just 20 or so miles to the south are the Morrisonite and Carrasite jaspers. Morrisonite is considered the finest gem jasper, The King of Jaspers. About 50 miles northeast of Three Fingers Butte and closer to Boise, Idaho, is the Graveyard plume agate deposit with many distinctive varieties. Regency Rose, mined by Gene Mueller and Jake Jacobitz, it is the famous for it’s many colors. There are exciting new deposits about ten miles to the South where Philip Stevenson is mining the Feather Ridge and the Linda Marie plumes. see the fine results from this years mining at this show.

Another famous area is around Eagle Rock in the Ochoco Mountains just east of Prineville. The landmark Eagle Rock is the source of a fine black plume and nearby are the ranches that produced Carey Plume, Neydiggger Plume and others. Behind the Ochoco reservoir is found the rare and beautiful Ochoco Rim Jasper. Down by Lebanon is the RockCastle rock shop where you can get the legendary carnelian agate from the Polly Drumond bed, Gary Green jasper and many other famed oregon agates and jaspers. Closer to Portland the Columbia River Gorge is the home of Biggs and Deschutes jaspers.

The state rock is the Thunderegg and the most famous area for great plume thundereggs is the Richardson Ranch and its immediate neighbors including the Kennedy Ranch. There are many more deposits of fine thundereggs scattered around Oregon in its numerous rhyolitic lava flows.

Portland also boasts the outstanding Rice Museum, just 12 miles east of Portland on Highway 26. This is just a scattering of the many great locations that made Oregon the place where the Rockhound bonanza began right after WWII, came to it’s full force between 1960 and 1990 and is still going strong today. The Portland Regional Rock and Gem show is hosted by the five Rockhound clubs all active around Portland.

Because of Oregon’s rich deposits of agates and jaspers and thundereggs the Portland Regional show offers great shopping and socializing for three days, October 11th through the 13th. If you can make it you will be able to get some real treasures.  .

I hope you will be able to come and enjoy this exciting event.


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