Shopping Tips

ETSY stores don’t communicate with each other and this can be confusing for shoppers!

When ETSY was designed it was assumed that ETSY sellers would have only one store. In 2015 when I opened my first store I had agates, then I added jaspers, thundereggs came next but all were half nodules with a polished center cut. Then I decided I’d add slabs, then cabochons and finally antique agate jewelry. At that point I realized that ETSY did not have a good system for organizing such a complex assortment of items and that my ETSY store was very confusing.

         Then it occurred to me that if I had six stores that could all be entered from a top level store it would be a good arrangement and it has been working very well. But ETSY stores DO NOT COMMUNICATE. The fact that you can reach all my stores from the same top level program ( might make you think you were dealing with a big well integrated system but there are two problems:

  1. When you make your first purchase in a store ETSY asks you to define a password. If you then go to other stores and make purchases you will have multiple passwords and unless you make them all exactly the same you will have to remember which store has which password. Since it’s easy to change your password its not a big problem but if you don’t know how it works it can be confusing.

  2. When you are in an ETSY store and have items in your shopping cart and you leave without paying… those items go back on the shelf. You can’t go to another store and checkout for them there. Be sure to pay on the way out of each ETSY store if you have items you want in your cart.